Isaac Butterworth Continuing to Pass Hard (Iron) Tests!

News: 15 February 2017

Isaac Butterworth Continuing to Pass Hard (Iron) Tests!

The addition of chrome greatly favours the formation of carbides during iron solidification and pearlite like matrix formation during eutectoid formation. These formations lead to an increase in hardness and tensile strength of the iron. In addition to this, an increase in chrome leads to good erosion-corrosive and erosion-abrasive resistance. These qualities make this material perfect for products which, for example, are used in the mining and sewerage industry.

At Isaac Butterworth Ltd, we are able to offer our customers high chrome iron, which can be machined to very tight tolerances. We currently manufacture a wide range of high chrome parts for our customers, where very high abrasion resistive properties are required. The material standard of these high chrome parts we currently manufacture is BS EN 12513:2011; its material grade is EN-GJN-HB555 (XCr23). These parts have a hardness reading of HBW 550 (55RC, 595 HV). Once cast, these parts are machined to F7 tolerances.

We are proud that we can offer our customers high quality, hard iron which is machined to very tight tolerances. We understand that being able to manufacture these highly-engineered components to very tight tolerances, is crucial to many of our customers. If you are in need of high quality components, which require tight tolerance machining, then speak to one of our experienced engineers about how we can help.



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