News: 18 May 2020


The Covid-19 pandemic is causing a number of significant challenges to people and businesses throughout the world. Isaac Butterworth Ltd are rising to these challenges by adapting to this rapidly changing international business environment. We are dedicated to maintaining our ongoing business operations and keep orders progressing efficiently without compromising on providing the best possible service we can.

Whilst we are still moving forwards with production, we are making sure our people are as safe as possible. We have implemented numerous measures to ensure the safety of our employees. For example, we have cancelled all business travel for the foreseeable future; instead, business meetings are conducted via video call. We have also applied a split shift rota, where one-week half of our office staff work from home whilst the other half are in the office, then the next week these teams swap over. This has helped us to work safely whilst keeping the business going.

We will continue to monitor this unprecedented situation, and will do whatever it takes to continue to supply our customers with high quality parts, on time and in the safest way possible.



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