Case Study: Stainless Steel Precision Components

Stainless Steel Precision Components

Sales Director:

"After making the decision to outsource some of our high value components from overseas, we were initially sceptical as to the quality of the components.

As a precision engineering company even sourcing from our local suppliers has caused rejection due to “quality” issues.

But after a thorough inspection of the samples we were very impressed and had no problem in ordering a complete batch of components.

On receiving the order there have been no problems and the quality of the samples was maintained throughout the whole batch of components.

As a small company we were concerned as to how much stock we would have to order to make the overseas outsourcing process viable without filling the factory with stock and damaging our cash flow. Isaac Butterworth have implemented a stock holding system where we can order sufficient stock and call off quantities as required.

So impressed were we that we are now looking at outsourcing further components to make further cost savings without compromising on quality and delivery."