Case Study: Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer

Engineered Industrial Products

Senior Sourcing Manager - Global Business Unit:

"We are an international organisation supplying a range of engineered industrial products into a diverse market place.

 Until being acquired by a US based conglomerate we had manufactured in the UK for over 100 years.

 Isaac Butterworth had been a supplier to us for many years prior to us being acquired. Consequently when our parent company directed us to investigate reduced costs by considering lower cost based manufacturing it was logical – even though we have within the group our own global sourcing – given the established operations Isaac Butterworth have in China that we should explore what possibilities existed.

 Working very closely together, Isaac Butterworth engineers and our engineers developed in excess of 100 different products from a standing start to production including all necessary tooling in less than 12 months thereby successfully satisfying the very tight and demanding schedule set by our parent company.

 Isaac Butterworth now supply in excess of 1,000 tonnes per annum of engineered products to us. In addition to the necessary cost savings made and the timeline successfully adhered to, it is pleasing to note that the quality of products are maintained constantly well inside our set ppm defects target."