Company Profile

About Isaac Butterworth

Isaac Butterworth Ltd has a long and distinguished history

For more than 100 years the company has been a leading specialist supplier of high quality ferrous and non ferrous castings,machined components and manufactured finished products. 

In today’s fast changing, highly competitive global environment, IBL’s skilled management team has enthusiastically embraced, and adapted to, 21st century business opportunities by expanding exclusively as a world-wide sourcing operation.

Capitalising on traditional foundry skills, linked to state-of-the-art technology and production processes, this strategic repositioning of the company has resulted in substantial cost-saving benefits for our clients, while maintaining and guaranteeing the highest standards of quality, service and delivery.

Throughout its history IBL has been a leading supplier of ferrous castings in grey iron and spheroidal graphite (SG) irons and non ferrous castings in various alloys, including aluminium and copper, and produced using either traditional sand moulding methods or by investment and die casting processes where high volume and surface quality are an important requirement.

In recent years, the company has developed significant strategic partnerships, both at home and overseas, resulting in an expanded capability to satisfactorily service everyday and niche requirements in ever increasingly competitive and highly pressurised markets.

By establishing outsourced production facilities in the UK and China, IBL has the ability to fulfil a customer’s most demanding and stringent requirements; whether it is a single casting for an urgent breakdown or the manufacture and storage of 10,000 finished parts for despatch direct to you and your customer.